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AFCAT Answer Keys 2016 – Download AFCAT 02/2016 Question Paper & Keys

AFCAT 2 2016 Answer Keys [All Sets]

AFCAT Answer Key 2016 – Answer Key of AFCAT 02/2016 of exam held on 28 Aug 2016 will be available here after the exam. Candidates who have appeared in the IAF AFCAT 02/2016 can view here the AFCAT 2016 Question Papers and Answer Keys after the examination done successfully conducted by the Indian Air Force. For all the questions asked in exam question paper, correct answers (the exam is Multiple Choice Question type) are indicated in the AFCAT Answer Key 2016 of the IAF AFCAT 02/2016.Result of AFCAT 2016 will be declared once the papers have been checked and cut off for selection decided by IAF.

AFCAT Answer Key 2016, Question Papers and Solutions

The written exam, Air Force Common Admission Test has been conducted by Indian Air Force. Also the Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) is held for those who have applied for the Technical Branches.

The AFCAT question paper contained multiple choice questions on verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning, general awareness, and military aptitude. Duration of the exam was two (2) hours.

The exam conducting body does not officially release answer keys of AFCAT, however, unofficial answer keys released by coaching centers and teachers are published here after the exam.

afcat 2017 cut off

AFCAT 02/2016 Answer Key 2016, Question Papers and Solutions

Answer key of AFCAT 02/2016 have been made available along with question papers and solutions on August 28, 2016, after exam.

  • Total number of questions in the AFCAT (1) 2015 question paper was 100.
  • Each question is of three (3) marks. For every correct answer, you will get +3 marks.
  • The paper carries negative marking. Thus, for every wrong answer, one (1) mark is deducted.

Total marks scored in the exam = (Number of correct answers x 3) – (Number of incorrect answers x 1).

Answer keys of AFCAT 02/2016 have been published after exam.

Check AFCAT 2/2016 Answer Key Here – from Baalnoi Academy

AFCAT 2 2016 Answer Keys

You can calculate the marks scored in exam by going through these answer keys. Final marks may vary from this as these keys are unofficial.

Question # Set A Set B Set C Set D
1 C D A B
2 B B C A
3 B C C C
4 D B D C
5 B A D A
6 D B B C
7 C A D C
8 D C C D
9 A C D B
10 C D D C
11 C B C C
12 D D D A
13 B C A D
14 C D C B
15 C A B D
16 A B B C
17 B C A D
18 A C D C
19 C C B B
20 C D B B
21 C C B A
22 B A B D
23 B C A C
24 A B C B
25 D B C B
26 C C B B
27 C C C B
28 B A B B
29 C B C C
30 A C C C
31 B A C A
32 A / D B A A
33 C A/D C B
34 A C A C
35 D B A C
36 A D B A / D
37 B A D C
38 C C A B
39 B B B C
40 B C B A
41 C A C B
42 D B C C
43 C C D B
44 A D A D
45 B D B D
46 D B D C
47 B B C C
48 D D B D
49 C C D A
50 B B B B
51 D D D D
52 B B B B
53 C D D D
54 A B D A
55 D D B C
56 A A C A
57 D A A D
58 B A D B
59 B D A C
60 D C C B
61 B C A B
62 C B C C
63 C B A B
64 A D C D
65 C C D C
66 A B B A
67 D C B C
68 B A B A
69 D D D C
70 A C C D
71 B D D D
72 C D D D
73 D D D D
74 D A D C
75 D B B B
76 C D B B
77 D C D D
78 B A C D
79 D C D D
80 B D A C
81 C B C A
82 D C D A
83 C D D D
84 B D A C
85 A A C A
86 D D C D
87 D A D B
88 D C C D
89 C D A A
90 A C B A
91 D D D C
92 C C A B
93 D A A C
94 C A C D
95 A D D A
96 A B D A
97 D D B D
98 A B C D
99 C C A C
100 D D D C

Minimum marks required to qualify – AFCAT Cut Off

  • AFCAT 01 / 2011 cut off was 85.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2011 cut off was 88.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2012 cut off was 135.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2012 cut off was 143.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2013 cut off was 144.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2013 cut off was 116.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2014 cut off was 127.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2014 cut off was 123.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2015 cut off was 126.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2015 cut off was 144.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2016 cut off was 132.

Expected AFCAT 2 2016 Cut Off

  • It is expected that AFCAT 2016 cut off will be between 135 to 145. Narrower range of expectation will be updated after exam analysis is done for AFCAT 2016. In the meantime you can refer to last year’s answer keys and solutions.

Significance of IAF AFCAT 02/2016 Answer Key

Indian Air Force will conduct the AFCAT (2) 2016 on 28 Aug 2016.

AFCAT answer keys 2016 & AFCAT EKT Answer Keys 2016

  • Anwer Keys of of Air Force Common Admission Test can be checked online by candidates after the exam has been conducted.
  • The AFCAT Answer Key (2) 2016 contains correct answer (option) indicated for every question asked in the test.
  • Going through the AFCAT answer key 2016 will help the test takers get an idea of their test scores.
  • For those preparing for AFCAT exams in the future, the AFCAT 2016 question papersand solutions are a preparation resource.
  • Get here AFCAT 2 Answer Key 2016 of all sets.

All the candidates who wish to join the Indian Air Force for flying branch, or technical branch, or ground duty branch will have to clear the AFCAT (2) 2016 exam. Answer keysof the AFCAT question paper will help a candidate assess the chances of selection.

Please note that the AFCAT (2) 2016 answer keys given here are unofficial. The results of AFCAT 2016 will be based on the final and official answer keys published by Indian Air Force.

Selection Process

The selection procedure consists of three main stages.

Clearing the Air Force Common Admission Test, and EKT (if applicable). It can be expected that if a candidate scores a safe marks, it will be easier to assume selection.

Candidates will be short listed on the basis of AFCAT (2) 2016 performance. They will have to appear for further testing by the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSVs) at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar or Varanasi. This AFSB testing will further be divided into three stages.

  1. Stage-I Test consisting of Intelligence Test along with other tests will be conducted on the first day. Stage-I test is a screening test and only those who qualify would undergo subsequent testing. All Stage-I qualified candidates would be subjected to document check to ascertain their eligibility for the branches applied for. Those candidates who either do not qualify in Stage I testing or do not meet the requiredeligibility criteria would be sent back on the first day itself.
  2. Stage-II testing consisting of Psychological test, Group Tests and Interview will be conducted on subsequent days (Five Days).
  3. For Flying Branch: Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) would be administered to eligible candidates.

AFCAT 02/2016 Answer Key 2016, Question Papers and Solutions

Memory based AFCAT 2016 Answer Key released: Candidates who appeared for AFCAT 2016 on 28 Aug 2016 have informed that after the exam their question papers and rough sheets were taken by the center invigilators. As question papers are not available, it is difficult to create complete answer keys. Memory based answer key of AFCAT 2016 is given here.

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