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Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Part 1 eBook [100+ Stories]

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Download complete Original TAT Pictures and Stories for your SSB Interview Preparation. Our study materials are used by many prestigious SSB training institutes. Thematic Apperception Test Part 1 consists of solved 100+ original TAT PPDT stories. It also has 60 original pictures for TAT and PPDT including 20 Women oriented TAT PPDT pictures. candidates will face SSB/AFSB/NSB/ICG psychological test TAT. This eBook contains OLQs analysis for every TAT story. Candidates can also find the qualities/OLQs mentioned in front of every single story response which will help them to understand OLQs and how to show them in the Thematic Apperception Test.

Topics Covered: 

  • 60 Original TAT Pictures.
  • 100+ Sample Stories for TAT and PPDT
  • 20 Original Women TAT Pictures
  • OLQ’s shown explained for every response.

Course Prepared By Sajal Roy:  He was recommended by the Indian army from SSB Bhopal on June 2014 with All Indian Rank- 1 in merit list from Instrumentation Engineering.


36 reviews for Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Part 1 eBook [100+ Stories]

  1. SSBCrack

    60 Original TAT Pictures.
    100+ Sample Stories for TAT and PPDT
    20 Original Women TAT Pictures
    OLQ’s shown explained for every response.

  2. kratik parihar (verified owner)

    nice one

  3. RoyalGun

    Nice ebook, it has 60 real thematic apperception test pictures with multiple stories on it, I have faced many of them in SSB. Great effort.

  4. Vijay34

    Very helpful in TAT preparation.

  5. Dipaansh343

    Nice work..helpful..

  6. Pankaj Gupta

    Really helpful for TAT

  7. Loya

    Nice book, need 2nd part

  8. Shikha

    Thank you for adding Women TAT pics, I was searching for it since long. Great eBook for TAT preparation.

  9. Dao

    I just loved d story interpretation part. It is really well written book on TAT.

  10. NayakD

    Part 2 link pls

  11. Jeeva

    thank you for women TAT pictures and stories 🙂

  12. Tejas007

    Must have for all SSB aspirants. Jai Hind

  13. Ashutosh Singha

    Good stories, I request you to publish more.

  14. KavitaUtak23

    woman stories are really helpful for candidatres like us

  15. Ashish

    Where is part2?

  16. Payal

    Never expected this quality of stories. One word AMAZING

  17. Divyanshu

    Really helpful stories, eye opener.

  18. Dikshita

    one of the best tat stories i have ever read. kudos. . very helpful for ssb interview

  19. Drona


  20. YALAVETI (verified owner)

    Tqq so much for providing such a great stuff sir .
    I didn’t even prefer any coaching except ur website.

  21. PIYUSH NAYAK (verified owner)


  22. som

    it’s very good book for ssb interview

  23. Prabhakar

    this is best thing happened to TAT 😀

  24. Jeetu

    while reading this ebook i really learnt alot regarding story writing

  25. ShikaS

    Very nice stories for TAT

  26. Alpharomeo

    Thank you

  27. vaibhav rana

    really helpful in preparation

  28. MEGHNA

    Nice books

  29. Megh singh Khichi (verified owner)

    Helpful for practice.

  30. Surya

    Best book

  31. Anurag Anand

    It’s really an eye opening book for all the SSB aspirants who are misguided by some commercial coaching centres just for the sake of money…. M really thankful to Sajal sir for this book…. Jai Hind…. ??????

  32. Sachin Rawat


  33. Namo Shankar Mathur (verified owner)

    It contains 20 Pictures but every pictures has 2 approaches
    But good for preparation

  34. Nitesh


  35. Amrendra kumar

    It become helpfull for me

  36. Santosh bk

    Best for ssb prep

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