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OIR Test & PPDT – SSB Interview Screening Test 2021 – Stage 1 Testing – [Paperback]

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  • Publication Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-8193616017
  • Paperback: 495 pages
  • Publisher: Shaurya Publications LLP (2021)
  • Language: English

About The Book:

This book by SSBCrack is another evidence of efforts by our authors to provide quality guidance to the SSB aspirants. This book by SSBCrack was started with a purpose to be a torchbearer for the defence aspirants by introducing them to the concepts and testing procedures of STAGE 1 or Screening test i.e. OIR Test and PPDT. Our books have been known to guide and provide a comprehensive and detailed outlook about the SSB testing procedure that takes place at the Services Selection Board. It is quite evident by the Stage 1 rejection ratio of the SSBs that most of the defence aspirants are still trying to figure out the in-depth analysis of Screening stage testing. This book will cover all the facets of the testing done at the SSBs during day 1 and will introduce you to the concepts and significance of all the tests in a way never told before. The context of the book is all in alignment with a comprehensive and methodological approach with regard to the Stage 1 testing also known as the Screening test. This book has been written in way that caters the interests of a fresher as well as that of a repeater candidate as it not only covers the requirements and to-be-done things from the perspective of a candidate but also covers all the avenues of the Stage 1 testing in individual parts such as story writing, narration and group discussion. The book steals the perspective from the eyes of a candidate and presents you with the aim to reconnect it in a similar way. The Picture Perception and Discussion Test is also known as PPDT is covered in its entirety and have left nothing for the aspirants to dwell upon later.

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