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SSB Interview Study Material 2024 [ Pack of 17 eBooks ]

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🌟 Unlock Your Potential with the Ultimate SSB Interview Study Material for 2024! 🌟

📚 SSB Interview Study Material 2024 [Pack of 17 eBooks] 📚

🎯 Why Choose This eBook Pack?

Aspiring for a career in defence? Looking to ace the SSB Interview with flying colors? Your one-stop solution is here!

📘 What’s Inside?

  • 17 Comprehensive eBooks that cover every aspect of the SSB Interview process.
  • Specialized eBooks for GTO, Psychological Tests like TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT, OIR Test, and General Knowledge.

🌟 Key Features 🌟

  1. 📈 Expert Strategies: Learn from defence experts who provide actionable insights and proven techniques.
  2. 📝 Practice Makes Perfect: Packed with sample questions, mock tests, and real-life scenarios to prepare you for any challenge.
  3. 🎯 Targeted Learning: Specialized eBooks let you focus on individual tests, ensuring that you excel in every aspect.
  4. 🌐 Updated for 2023: Current and comprehensive, including the latest trends and patterns.
  5. 📲 On-the-Go Learning: Accessible on multiple devices so you can study anytime, anywhere.

🔒 Unlock Success

Don’t leave your dreams to chance. Equip yourself with the best material and embark on your journey to becoming a defence hero.

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Invest in your future now and take the first step toward achieving your defence career aspirations.

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105 reviews for SSB Interview Study Material 2024 [ Pack of 17 eBooks ]

  1. Mahesh Kumar

    Good metarial

  2. Kirti

    nice collection of study material, really helpful for defence students

  3. DeepakR

    thank you for the notes, easy to carry on phone, covers tat wat srt oir and everything related to ssb

  4. Abhiyaan

    Really superb but my suggestion would be to add one more lecturret ebook

  5. karthik

    very good collection pls add more

  6. Lohit

    go for it..

  7. Himanshu

    great work by ssbcrack as always

  8. Rathore

    worth reading

  9. Kaveri

    MUST DOWNLOAD… I spent 20000 rs for ssb coaching in a reputed coaching academy and all they do is share ssbcrack study material feel like i wasted my money.. your material is too good.. thank you

  10. Kuldeep

    helpful for my afcat interview, all the best to aspirants

  11. SumitRaj

    GREAT preparation books by SSBCRACK as always <3

  12. T.Naveen

    must for defence lovers

  13. Deepa

    good content for Afcat interview

  14. Trisha

    thank you

  15. Azim


  16. DeepK

    wonderful preparation for my NDA..thanx

  17. Dinesh

    really helpful for my ssb

  18. Jassi

    excellent study material

  19. Lalitha

    thank you ssb crack for sharing

  20. RohitL

    helps in understanding ssb interview

  21. Angsu chatterjee


  22. Vasavi


  23. Dileep

    must for ssb prep

  24. Sohan

    I really like the content by ssbcrack. keep it up

  25. Jacob

    go for it gentlemen

  26. Naveen

    it is very helpful as I can refer them anytime i want.. a must buy for defence candidates

  27. Teena

    good amount of examples in tat wat and srt also good for psychology overall

  28. Kapil

    loved the thematic app reception test examples

  29. Tulip

    nicely covered content for ssb good one

  30. Ganesh

    must must download for your ssb interview

  31. Himmat


  32. Tara

    These ebooks are good enough for quick preparation. Good job SSBCRACK

  33. Harish

    good amount of content for ssb prep

  34. Garima

    thank you ssb crack

  35. Shiva

    good ebooks..i want to know if the ebooks will expire?

  36. Abhijit

    amazing material for the ssb prep

  37. Tushar

    BEST by ssbcrack

  38. Kranthi

    if you are preparing for the ssb interview these ebooks will be really helpful.

  39. Devi

    nice approach towards ssb prep..liked it

  40. Gaurav

    really like oir and tat ebooks..thnx

  41. Harshit

    add more pls

  42. Vishal

    worth spending money

  43. BornInf

    ssbcrack is best no doubt

  44. Ravi

    purchased it for my first nda ssb interview.. i’m very excited 😀

  45. Ritik

    helfpul content by ssbcrack

  46. Raju

    good psychology examples

  47. Jeet

    add more

  48. Kamal

    amazing work by ssb crack

  49. Dadar

    lots of reading for ssb

  50. Saswati

    goo for it ..

  51. ravi

    good content to crack the ssb

  52. Deeksha

    got it for my AFSB interview… good content for interview

  53. Shakshi

    loved the content, great job, thank you ssb crack

  54. Deepak

    amazing content by ssbcrack for ssb, thank you sir

  55. Jai

    best thing to read during lockdown hehe , helpful for interview

  56. Nikshep M.P

    Amazing Content to utilize lock-down period . Thank you so much SSBcrack

  57. Nikshep M.P

    GOOD Content to utilize lock-down period . Thank you so much SSBcrack

  58. Diksha

    thank you sir helped me to clear my afsb interview from your study material but got merit out last time sir i need the material again as i am preparing for ssb my links got disabled sir could you please send the download links again.

  59. Lieutenant amar

    this isbest”>

  60. Aniket Paul (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with these notes as PDFs. I hope these will help all defence aspirants to crack SSB interview. But TAT and Lecturette topics’ PDF is given in only one part(Part-1)…
    Where are the remaining parts???

  61. Sanjeev

    this is one of the best and affordable study material i have every come across. keep it up ssb crack

  62. Mukesh

    really very good study material, helpful for defence students

  63. Gurmeet

    good collection. complete package for ssb interview
    thank you so much ssbcrack.

  64. Khusal

    very good collection

  65. Pragya

    very useful to crack ssb interview

  66. Malleshwar

    Good collection of ebooks with good study materials…. Thanks SSBCRACK

  67. Sumantha

    very useful to crack ssb interview

  68. DP Sharma

    lot of contents for ssb

  69. Ratheesh P

    extremely good collection.. go for it to crack SSB Interview

  70. Swagat

    very helpful

  71. tina


  72. tina311111


  73. Jyoti

    Thank you ssb crack very convenient for the preparation

  74. Lama

    never expected so much content 😂 best

  75. Deash

    good content and makes my ssb prep easier. go for it.

  76. Ruchi

    ssb crack is the only one which covers in details following you since long and stasfied with the ssb content..

  77. LovelyK

    Nicely covered by ssb crack team. Nice ebook go for it.

  78. Devraj

    go for it blindly, best notes for ssb interview and in lowest price

  79. Ritu

    One of the best study notes by ssbcrack, kudos to the team, helped me to get recommended in my third attempt. thank you team.

  80. Gaurav Sharma

    one of the most promising portals for the defence aspirants recommended by all my seniors thank you ssb crack for the study content

  81. Rakesh

    nice for ssb

  82. Ramya

    really liked your TAT WAT and SRT collections.

  83. Umesh

    by far the most appropriate ssb notes i have come across salute to ssbcrack for providing these golden notes

  84. ankitkyadav12a (verified owner)

    Lecturette Book

  85. sandy68026 (verified owner)

    The issue has been Fixed _admin

    “Sorry to write here,
    I have purchased the same package”

  86. Garg Ankur (verified owner)

    Good ssb book for defence aspirants.

  87. Sirram (verified owner)

    Quick ssb notes, helps in study on mobile and tablet on the go. Still some more content related to current affairs must be added

  88. Vivek (verified owner)

    very helpful ssb ebook by ssb crack

  89. aditya (verified owner)

    good book for ssb training

  90. Ritu

    Great knowledge bank for ssb

  91. Sharma (verified owner)

    Go for it.

  92. Rohit (verified owner)

    Amazing ssb notes

  93. Ashish (verified owner)

    Fast download great quality content

  94. Singh (verified owner)

    Overall good topicwise notes for ssb prep

  95. Rachit (verified owner)

    Nice good to go SSB book

  96. Agrawal (verified owner)

    TAT WAT SRT are very good

  97. Sandy (verified owner)

    ssbcrack is the best, thank you for the quick delivery

  98. Shwetank (verified owner)

    good note by ssbcrack

  99. Priyanshu (verified owner)

    must download for all ssb aspirants

  100. Chinna Mahesh (verified owner)

    Good book

  101. Gurpreet S

    Ample content for ssb preparation, kudos

  102. Shilpi

    Amazing tat stories.

  103. Sarin rai

    Hello sir, how can i buy this from nepal?
    Please reply.

  104. Sachin

    Really helpful for my ssb prep. Thanks


    It’s amazing to convert.

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