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AFCAT AFSB Interview Study Material eBook Books PDF [DOWNLOAD]


Many of you are going to face the AFSB interview, don’t get confused, SSB and AFSB are same, AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board, SSB interview conducted by Indian Air Force is called AFSB interview. If you have cleared your AFCAT which is a written exam, you will face AFSB, which is a 5-day interview procedure. If you are aware of what SSB / AFSB interview is, then you can skip reading this part, but if you are not aware of the AFSB procedure, start with getting an idea of what all you are going to face at AFSB.


What is AFSB and how it is conducted?

Candidates who are short-listed on the basis of AFCAT/ EKT will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar or Varanasi. Candidates who opt for flying branch can opt for Dehradun, Mysore and Varanasi only.

The testing would consist of three stages as given below:-

  • Stage-I:. Officer Intelligence Rating Test along with Picture Perception and discussion test will be conducted on the first day. Stage-I test is a screening test and only those who qualify would undergo subsequent testing. All Stage-I qualified candidates would be subjected to document check to ascertain their eligibility for the branches applied for. Candidates who either do not qualify in Stage-I or do not meet the required eligibility criteria would be sent back on the first day itself.
    • OIR Test
    • PPDT
  • Stage-II:. Psychological test, Group Tests, and Interview would commence after document check for the next five days.
    • Psychological Tests
      • Thematic Apperception Test
      • Word Association Test
      • Situation Reaction Test
      • Self Description Test
    • Group Tests
      • Group Discussion (2 Different Topics)
      • Group Planning Exercise
      • Progressive Group Task
      • Half Group Task
      • Individual Obstacles
      • Group Obstacle Race aka Snake Race
      • Command Task
      • Lecturette
      • Final Group Task
    • Personal Interview – Face to Face interview with interviewing officer. (40 mins – 2 hours)
    • Conference (Final Result)

For Flying Branch:. Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) would be administered to recommended candidates only. This is once in a lifetime test. Candidates who have failed the CPSS/PABT in an earlier attempt or a Flight Cadet suspended from flying training at Air Force Academy will not be eligible to apply.

How To Prepare For AFSB Interview?

Now you have enough time, you must be thinking how should I prepare for the AFSB interview. Now coming to this, there are many ways to prepare for the SSB interview, some of them are FREE and some of them are not. We are going to mention both and you can decide accordingly.


  • There are many articles and website you will find with free resources, for example, the one you are reading now, you will SSB experiences of the recommended candidates, most of them do acknowledge that the website like SSBCrack has helped them somewhere, though few of them did take guidance from other sources as well. We won’t suggest you to totally depend on something like SSBCrack, of course, you will find some FREE stuff here but we would suggest you reach out to other sources and see how you like them.

Below are the must-read articles for you if you are going to attempt AFSB interview

Recommended Success Stories:

Why read them? well, these are the experiences of candidates who have cleared the AFSB interview, it doesn’t mean they are different from you, it’s just what you want to achieve, they have already achieved. You will learn a lot by going through their experience, just take the experience and not the guidance.


Coming to paid resources, something where you have to burn a lot of money and that is an SSB coaching institute. There are many SSB coaching institutes, some of them are good, they take care of candidates and they should, they don’t do it for FREE. On the other hand, there are coaching institutes which are a waste of your time and money.¬† Recently one of our followers came back to us and told us about one assessor who is talking bad about us and for similar websites and assessors, the irony is, we only suggested that candidate to follow him/her thinking they are good. In the recent days, there are so many assessors (retired) are coming out in social media, YouTube and everywhere and they are really doing a good job by sharing their knowledge to help candidates. Unfortunately, some of them talk how good they are by letting someone else down, they say others are making fool out of aspirants in the name of coaching and they should join them instead of such coaching institutes, what funny here is, they have to talk bad about someone else just to make sure candidates join them. AVOID such people who talk bad about others to show how great they are, they might be good, but such people are called hypocrites, in the end, they are also doing the same thing, they take money from you and give coaching, Good or Bad you decide.

Remember these things before joining a coaching academy:

  • First, decide, do you need SSB coaching? or Training as many of them claim. The best way to find out if you need coaching/training or not is to spend some time with a candidate who had around 7-10 attempts, doesn’t matter if he is recommended or not. Tell him what all you know about SSB, ask him to give suggestions on your responses. He will easily judge, how better you know SSB. Here the whole point is how good you know about SSB interview and why the various tests are conducted at SSB, what do they want to see in you, why it takes 5 days, what are 15 OLQs? These are basic questions, it has nothing to do with how you will respond at SSB, but if you do not have a basic idea of what SSB is and what all you have to face during 5 days, you certainly need a good coaching/training. Because if you do not understand the syllabus of an exam, you can not prepare for it.
  • Always try to join an academy which is well established, with a good number of assessors, infrastructure, and results of course. Do not join anyone who talks bad about others to show his or her greatness, do not join people who give a guarantee of 100% results. This is impossible, no academy and assessor can give 100% assurance and claims your success.
  • If you have made your mind, do the background check, visit their websites, look who are the assessors, do they have different assessors for Psychology, GTO, and PI. If not, DO NOT JOIN THEM.
  • Not all coaching academies have proper GTO ground, ignore such academies. When you pay for something, you should also get the best facility and infrastructure.
  • Make sure the coaching is affordable and they provide study material and one to one support.
  • If you are also eligible for flying, make sure your coaching academy provides latest CPSS tests practice.


  1. Just because someone got recommended after taking coaching from somewhere doesn’t mean you will also get the same result. If 100 people go to a coaching institute, it is most likely that at least one guy will be recommended out of 100.
  2. By taking coaching it is not guaranteed that you will be recommended, if you don’t take any coaching, there are still chances that you will clear the interview. But without any preparation for SSB, you will surely fail.
  3. We always suggest you prepare for the SSB, a good coaching institute will always help you to prepare. At SSB you are alone and you have to perform.

Other Resources:

We are waiting for your success story, all the best!

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