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Situation Reaction Test Solved Part 2 eBook

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Our study materials are used by many prestigious SSB training institutes. Situation Reaction Test eBook Part 2 consists of solved 100 original situations candidates will face in SSB/AFSB/NSB/ICG psychological test SRT. This eBook contains 200 responses and 2 unique responses for every SRT situation. Candidates can also find the qualities/OLQs mentioned in front of every single SRT response which will help them to understand OLQs and how to show them in Situation Reaction Test.


Topics Covered: 

  1. SRT 100 original situations from SSB/AFSB/NSB/ICG.
  2. 2 Responses for each situation.
  3. 200 responses/solution.
  4. OLQ’s shown explained for every response.

Focused Exams

  • AFSB Interview
  • SSB Interview
  • NSB Interview
  • AFCAT/CDS/NDA SSB Interview
  • TGC/SSC SSB Interview
  • TES/UES Interview
  • ACC/TA/SCO Interview.

3 reviews for Situation Reaction Test Solved Part 2 eBook

  1. SSBCrack (verified owner)

    Download Now: Situation Reaction Test Solved Part 2 eBook

  2. amit kumar

    Very excellent book

  3. Arun

    Excellent I appreciated becz we get idea how we answer in a concise manner……..thanks SiR

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