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This ebook is a personality development manual and a synergistic product of many minds. It has come as a result of compiling the true facts and wide experiences related to the SSB’s. It is based on the nascent and valuable feedbacks from aspirants of the Armed Forces. It describes the tools you will need to groom your personality according to the requirements of the Armed Forces. It will also help you to construct an Insight into your existing self and changes that have to be incorporated. One of the purposes of this book is to familiarize with the Selection Procedure and the essential know-how of the SSB’s. It will also offer blueprints as to what it takes to lead the ‘Men in War’.



Chapter I The Services Selection Board (SSB) – An Introduction

Chapter II Functioning of the SSB’s

Chapter III Aspirants’ Perception of SSB’s

Chapter IV Personality Pattern, Concept of Self and Moulding of Personality

Chapter V  Testing Procedures at the SSB’s

  • Screening
  • Psychological Testing
    • The Thematic Apperception Test- (TAT)
    • The Word Association Test (WAT)
    • The Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
    • Interview Testing
  • Group Testing
    • The Progressive Group Task (PGT)
    • The Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
    • The Command Task (CT)
  • Chapter VI Entry Schemes In Armed Forces

19 reviews for My Appointment With A Psychologist eBook [FREE]

  1. vimalraj (verified owner)

    I have downloaded the eBook. It was absolutely wonderfull, especially WAT part is superb.It was explained very clearly. I suggest my dear aspirants to atleast read this book once.

  2. paritosh kumar singh (verified owner)

    nice book

  3. Rajat sachdeva (verified owner)

    How i download this ebook

  4. Rishabh


  5. Rishabh

    Awesome book

  6. Harikant Shukla

    Its fantastic…

  7. Anoop kumar

    Nice one

  8. Abhaysingh Pawar

    Good done

  9. Abhaysingh Pawar

    Good one

  10. Salman

    Its wonderful book, one can download it by copying the name of this book and paste in google, then save the book in pdf format

  11. Ansul

    This content is same as Psychologist JB mall sir’s book. However it’s very much effective.

  12. AZIM MOHAMMAD (verified owner)

    gud book

  13. AZIM MOHAMMAD (verified owner)

    very good bookfor ssb

  14. Jagdish Patel

    Very good

  15. aditya

    Bhai koi mughe iska link bhej sakta hai
    Main download nhi kar paa raha hoon

  16. Akhilesh kumar

    I need ebook or book

  17. Raja (verified owner)

    i am unable to download it.. please this book on my mentioned email id

  18. Abhishek Mukherjee

    Excellent book

  19. Kiran

    I’m unable to download this ebook…

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