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20+ Situation Reaction Test Questions With Answers

Situation Reaction Test SSB

Situation Reaction Test also known as SRT is one of the tests conducted under psychology test at SSB. SRT booklet consists of 60 situations, candidates get 30 mins to for situation reaction test and they are required to write their answer or say responses to each situation given in the SRT booklet. Situation reaction test is one of the interesting tests at SSB but also considered to be very crucial to measure your performance at SSB.

Below we have mentioned few situation reaction test examples with answers for candidates to get a fair idea of SRT and how to write answers while attempting situation reaction test.

20+ Situation Reaction Test Questions With Answers

  1. Your friend need urgent money from you for his father’s operation and you found a Purse full of money along with the ID of owner, you will
    • Return the purse with the help of ID, contribute whatever I can to friend from my money and help in all possible way for the operation.
  2. Your captain falls ill and team left with no leader, you will
    • Volunteer to lead the team, discuss important things with ill captain motivate teammates, practice well and win the matches.
  3. You want to marry a girl/boy but your parents are not ready, you will
    • Talk to my parents putting forward logical points, convince them and marry the girl/boy.
  4. You fall ill before your exams, you will
    • Take medicine and proper rest, revise as much as I can, give the exam and pass with good marks.
  5. You have to attend the marriage of a friend’s sister in another city, just one day before when you have to leave your other good friend arrives and tells he/she has to stay at your home and has some work in your city. You will
    • Make the friend comfortable, tell her/him the situation and ask her/him to stay with my family and complete her/his work in the city.
  6. In a moving train you see a thief snatch away a women’s purse and jump out of the train. You will
    • Lodge a complaint with the RPF, help the women by giving her some money if she needs.
  7. While going on trekking in midway you come to know that the person responsible for bringing the food packets has forgot to bring. You being the leader of the group will
    • Come back and go for trekking another day.
  8. While going for exam you see an injured person lying on the road. You will
    • Hire an auto and take the injured and admit him in a hospital which lies in the way of my exam place, inform his family, and reach on time for exam.
  9. You are very successful any have many jealous people who you suspect are planning against you. You will
    • Keep doing my work with more caution and alertness.
  10. When you see somebody in your school/college/workplace who is much more successful and is a favorite of all, you
    • Appreciate him/her and take and learn as much good points from him/her and do hard work to improve my performance more.
  11. In your hostel the dal has had a lot of stones for the last ten days and you are fed up with it. What would you do?
    • Bring the matter to the notice of the authorities in charge and if nothing happens, then report it to the superintendent.
  12. You are standing in the doorway of a train which has just started to move, suddenly you see a man falling off the train to the platform. You will?
    • Run immediately and help the man to get on the train with all effort.
  13. You see in a deserted bazar a man who smashes the jeweler’s window and steals some ornament, jump into the car and drive away quickly. You will?
    • Note the number of the car, inform police immediately by phone.
  14. You have not done well in you NDA/CDSE/AFCAT written exam, your father asks you to drop the idea all together and try something else, you will?
    • Apply yourself to study with greater interest and hard-work and give the exam again and crack it.
  15. The electric lights of your area have gone out due to heavy rain, what will you do?
    • Inform the power house from the nearest telephone for restoration of electricity.
  16. While travelling by train, you come to know on the next station from which you boarded that you have lost you ticket. You will?
    • Report it to the guard/ticket checker and do whatever he advice.
  17. To check the growth of population, what according to you can be done?
    • Intensify the family planning program and educate people about it more.
  18. You have joined an educational institute which is far from home. You are happy/unhappy and why?
    • Happy because I’ll learn to live independently.
  19. Being invited to a party of a 7 year old kid of neighbor, what will you do?
    • Buy picture storybook, crayons as a present and arrange games for the kids to play.
  20. In any discussion you always win an argument, what do you think is the reason?
    • I can influence others with my points and give practical and sounds reasons to agree to it.

Common Mistakes in Situation Reaction Test

  1. You can simply say as he is going back on his car, so he will drive safely and reach home. Stop exaggerating the heavy rain, heavy rain is not going to kill you.
  2. Could be a routine checkup by RPF jawans, think of the most likely situation, to be practical, only two gunmen can not loot the whole train, not even in Bollywood movies.
  3. A ship normally faces communication problem, which is a normal scenario, being a ship encharge it is very easy for you to make it work again and use another communication system meanwhile. Again, think practically, if you were a normal passenger on that ship, then it will be a problem for you to fix it, but not for a ship in charge.
  4. Use your mobile phone, yes will work in a normal Jungle where you would go for a trekking trip.
  5. You could go and meet your girlfriend and your girlfriend’s girlfriend. You are so lucky to talk with two young girls, what else do you want! On a serious note, “person” could be a male or female, all it depends on how you perceive it. Be witty sometimes.
  6. Take out his car and go to hospital along with his injured brother and take care of him. No car? Take neighbours help and go to hospital in neighbour’s car along with his injured brother. Also, make sure you use “injured brother” this shows that your good in communication and more analytical.
  7. In this type of SRTs, be a good follower. You could say you would help the leader with your best ability and reach in time.
  8. As it says, next police station is 10 km, you are standing in front of a police station. Think cleverly.

Tips for Situation Reaction Test

  • Be brief in your solutions
  • Also, there might be some questions repeated to check consistency, just maintain that and don’t show different solutions at such places which give the essence of fakeness.
  • Make a note of this that you cannot leave any situation unhandled but you have to provide a solution that is feasible by a human being not by a super hero.
  • Your solutions and qualities might be discussed at the conference by all the officers when they get together. So they should get the same person as it is when they go through the personality assessment.
  • Also, it is suggested that you can refer books but should get your solutions assessed that whether they match your personality or not. Books only provide sample solutions.
  • Also answer for one individual might not be correct for one individual because you should remember that through these answers you have to prove your qualities what you actually have in you. So answers could be same but you should judge that you possess it or not.
  • Be realistic and practical with your answers
  • Be truthful and don’t try to fake as you are being tested at various places for the same quality or say that same quality should come out of your acts so never try to conceal anything.
  • Try to attempt as many questions as you want and don’t try to escape situations. That simply means you are thinking too much and responding by faking results
  • Read the situation properly before answering to understand the context of the place.
  • The quality of response matters not the quality, but this does not give the freedom to think and write less. You score for more you write the answers rightly.


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