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Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test Solved Paper

Candidates can purchase the OIR test solved papers by SSBCrack, these papers have actual questions including similar questions which you will face at SSB interview day 1 screening test. This OIR test solved paper ebook will help you to prepare for the SSB interview intelligence test.

What is OIR Test?

The screening test is at first day of the SSB interview. The test comprises of Intelligence Test or Officer Intelligence Test (O.I.R) oir test solved questionsand P.P.D.T. tests Picture Perception and Description Test. The tests are aimed to find out the analyzing ability of the candidate and to gauge their inner mind potential. Let we see in detail about these two steps.

Importance of OIR Test?

Intelligence is defined as the inner ability of the candidate to solve particular problem i.e. aptitude, reasoning etc. Officer Intelligence Rating refers to solve set of problems which consists of both verbal and nonverbal reasoning in a short duration of time. So here the time is less and the candidate has to solve more number of questions correctly. Like this putting the candidate under pressure to solve the intelligence questions is called as Officer Intelligence Rating.

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  1. I am unable to get the oir -1 series of verbal and non verbal please inform.the steps to dowbload the series.

    1. Hi Himanshu,


      Add it book in cart and pay online. You will get the download link on the screen once the payment is done, also you will get the download link via email.

      All the best.

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